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Want to work at IOI but none of the available positions fit your profile? Don’t worry! Send us an unsolicited application and we’ll have a look. We’re always looking for highly talented people to join us and if you’re bringing unique talents to the table, we’re very keen on seeing what we can work out together. Don’t be a stranger!
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Interested in an internship? Send us an application and we’ll have a look. We normally advertise our open internships on the Careers page but that shouldn’t stop you at all. If you’ve got an interesting thesis project or something similar that you’d like to explore with us, please get in touch and we’ll see what happens.
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Introducing the People Managers

Introducing People Managers at IO Interactive have changed our workplace for good, and they are here to stay. Watch the series to learn more about why we are hiring People Managers and how they are an essential part of the organization.

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Level Designers at IOI enjoy a large degree of creative freedom, autonomy and ownership of our work, which is an amazing position to be in
Bjarne Kristiansen
Level Designer
We are taking on a lot of challenges, but we do it together and we support each other. I feel supported here, and that is all I can ask for
Anton Andersson
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Programmers generally have a high level of seniority and are encouraged to take ownership of their tasks and their domains. This responsibility brings a great opportunity to leave a mark on the tasks you are involved in
Marinus Rørbech
Lead Tools & Engine Programmer
As a Level Designer, I am central to the design and assembly of the experiences in our games. We are anchor points for the creation process, working within the constraints of the overall design, the vision and the technology. A lot of teamwork is needed as this is not the product of a single person
Jacob Mikkelsen
Principal Level Designer
We’re fortunate to have extremely dedicated and talented colleagues with a strong passion and will to make things work. There’s a lot of positivity around, and people generally want to focus on solutions and do the best they can to make our games
Toke Krainert
Level Designer
We have so much freedom when we create the environments, I love all parts of it. The most satisfying thing for me is to plan and build something from scratch, then follow it all the way and see how it evolves into something beautiful in the end
Hilde Sunde
Lead Environment Artist
Since our teams are smaller, there is a lot of variety in the tasks and the chance to do a little bit of everything. We don’t have a dedicated prop artist team – all of us create props. All of us do the propping in the engine. All of us create materials. We are involved in the entire process and as a team, we get to create something that is uniquely ours
Sonja Christoph
Senior Environment Artist
During my 5 years as a Programmer at IOI, I’ve worked on a large variety of different tasks from creating tools, developing new features for our audio system and adding multiplayer to HITMAN 2, to starting work on our new animation system. I have learned a lot about what it takes to ship a game and I've worked on a lot of new programming disciplines. There is a lot of freedom in how tasks are solved, and everyone has a say about what we should be focusing on next in the team
Ted de Munnik
Animation Tech and Tools Programmer

Relocating to IO Interactive

Craft Testimonials

Craft Talks: Game Design

The Craft Talks series is a video blog where experts from IO Interactive share their insights on the art of game development.  

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Meet the Team

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Cinematics, Audio and Animation teams at IO Interactive create and develop our games.

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Noclip Documentary

In July 2019, we opened the doors of our Copenhagen office to the team from Noclip and gave them (almost) free rein of the entire office.

They spoke with various members of the team and it all ended up with a 4-part documentary that details some key elements of our games – but also the people that make them.

Watch the documentary
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