C++ Programmers

Truth is – we are always going to need good C++ programmers. And when we say good, we mean really good.

For this role we are recruiting on an ongoing basis – there is no deadline, but you are the first ones we look at when we need someone who knows C++.
Why C++? Because we have an in-house, proprietary game engine. We call it Glacier, and it’s still making our most senior programmers giddy about how cool it is.

Glacier, has powered our HITMAN franchise, was designed from the ground-up to enable faster iterations on content creation, tweaking and debugging.
This is achieved through the use of a highly-optimized Runtime Resource System, which can hold in memory multiple versions of the same assets without conflicts, a powerful Live Editor, capable of altering the game while running, and an on-demand Asset Pipeline responsible for monitoring changes in source data and automatically recooking content as needed to be hot reloaded in-game

Who you are:
  • You are really good at programming. 
  • If you’ve worked on an in-house game engine before it is a huge plus.
  • You need to have a passion for video games. Really. Or just tell us why you want to be part of the games industry/a game studio, what motivates you to join, what do you hope to find, etc.
  • You are curious, humble and can take and give constructive feedback. We’re all really nice here and we need you to be kind and approachable as well.
  • Willing to relocate, either to Copenhagen or Malmö.
  • Willing to help develop both Hitman, but also future, unannounced titles.

Who we are:

A team, above all. If you join our studio, expect to be encouraged, listened to and have your efforts and insightful impact recognized and valued. We take pride in the friendly haven we built at IOI, and we expect you to take part in cultivating that. We are also highly international, with people of over 30 nationalities working in our Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona studios.

We also have a reputation for being a very friendly workplace with highly talented people. That is why the members we welcome in our team never fail to integrate, and are supported, valued and listened to at all steps. We are dedicated to quality and have fun while doing it. We welcome you to join us and do the same.

The position is open in our Copenhagen, Malmö or Barcelona studios. We welcome candidates from all over the world and we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please submit your application in English.


The IOI culture:

We do a lot to foster a culture of brother- and sisterhood and we strive to be a collective of creative, productive people rather than a factory. Because you will be spending a substantial amount of your day here, we do as much as we can to make IOI feel like a second home. We meet for optional breakfast every morning, have communal lunches and even dinner on those occasionally long days where we need to meet an important deadline.

On Fridays we sometimes have our Friday bar – either planned as a big thing where we run around in the building with laser guns or other fun like that – or just spontaneously started somewhere in the building or on our roof top terrace.

Around Christmas, we usually have the house full of all our kids making ginger bread houses and paper cuttings. In the summertime there are often football games going on, and there’s a things like the monthly board game night where we just go totally analogue.

Every now and then we have IOI days where we can dig into our pet projects or attend presentations from colleagues or external experts on everything game related.

It’s all about getting creative, influenced and inspired.

You made it this far. Clearly you’re ready to know even more.
Candidates from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply. We are looking forward to your applications!

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Location: Copenhagen, Malmö or Barcelona
Deadline: Ongoing applications
Marina Surdu marinas@ioi.dk Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Specialist
Duration: Permanent, Temporary
Project: Unannounced Project, HITMAN, Project 007
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