Dialogue Sound Designer

IO Interactive is looking for a full-time Dialogue Sound Designer, to join Project 007, a brand new James Bond video game to be developed and published by IOI. Featuring a wholly original Bond story, players will step into the shoes of the world's favourite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story. We are looking for a dialogue sound designer who is detailed, visionary, a strong collaborator and quick to learn outside your creative boundaries. If that ticks your boxes, read on:

What you will do:​​​​​​
  • You will be owning the dialogue execution and quality for Project 007 and build a strong collaboration with the different disciplines, in order to create an authentic, James Bond-like player experience.
  • We will welcome your input for how dialogue creation and implementation can be streamlined between departments and throughout the project.
  • You will be the main player in the dialogue pipeline, from start to finish. That means:
  • Setting your quality mark early in the pipeline process, when dialogue is requested, by collaborating with writers and designers, and ensuring it has a natural flow and is dramatically believable.
  • In the incipient phase, you will give input on sonic qualities for casting, create prototypes and provide context during the authoring and directing stage, while collaborating with writers and designers in achieving the best common ground.
  • Once the voice over is received, you will edit, master and give feedback according to the requirements you ware a key part in setting.
  • You will own the asset management responsibility and integrate VO in Sweet.
  • In the implementation phase, you will collaborate with gameplay and level design and help them with implementing VO in our Glacier engine.
  • You will also have input on the way our editor is integrating dialogue, so the player experience and AI feel believable for every in-game decision taken by the player.
  • You will provide gameplay teams with perspectives on dialogue timing, propagation, and custom mastering.
  • Occasionally record temp VO and final VO in-house sessions with local actors when needed.

Who you are:
  • You are an accomplished sound designer with experience working primarily on dialogue sound design in the video games industry, for at least one published AAA title.
  • You are a great communicator and can efficiently collaborate with writers, narrative designers, level, game and sound designers.
  • You are a creative visionary who knows how important dialogue is to the game experience, can set the standard and create the culture for dialogue quality throughout not only the project, but also the studio.
  • You are efficient at finding solutions that can resolute occasional obstacles and get your stakeholders on the same page.
  • You are technically savvy and know or can easily learn your way around implementing VO in our Glacier engine when design teams require it.
  • You have experience recording, editing, mixing and evaluating VO delivered by vendors against specifications and creative bar.
  • You are detail oriented and up for managing sound libraries and administrating dialogue assets (in Sweet).
  • Expertise with audio editing in Reaper.
  • Expertise with voice over processing tools and techniques using creative sound design tools and techniques (i.e. - Waves, Native Instruments, iZotope)
  • Solid grasp of technical implementation and Wwise or F-Mod audio middleware.
  • Solid grasp of Blueprint Unreal, or any other scripting language, to create overviews.
  • You’re a fan of the James Bond universe and how its style should sound and feel like.
We would love it if you had:
  • Work showcases (E. g. in published games, on personal website or on YouTube)

Who we are
A team, above all. If you join our studio, expect to be encouraged, listened to and have your efforts and insightful impact recognized and valued. We take pride in the friendly haven we built at IOI, and we expect you to take part in cultivating that. We are also highly international, with over 30 nationalities working in both our Copenhagen and Malmö studios. We also have a reputation for being a very friendly workplace with highly talented people. That is why the members we welcome in our team never fail to integrate, and are supported, valued and listened to at all steps. We are dedicated to quality and have fun while doing it. We welcome you to join us and do the same. 

The position is open in both our Malmö and Copenhagen studios. For the right candidate, will take location preference into consideration.
We welcome candidates from all over the world and we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please submit your application in English.

Location: Malmö, SWE or Copenhagen, DK
Lucas John Rundle lucasr@ioi.dk Talent Acquisition Specialist
Project: Project 007
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